How do you measure? 

It's Eze!

You will measure each opening in 6 places (3 widths and 3 heights) and record the smallest width measurement and smallest height measurement for each unit when ordering. Why 3 measurements? – As you will see when measuring, not every opening is completely square; this is why we suggest the daylight opening (DLO) window measurement method. Please provide all measurements in inches.

– First, measure the width between the frame posts you are installing on. The posts could be wood studs, aluminum posts or other existing vertical posts. They are what goes from the floor to the ceiling and hold up the roof. Your measurements should be taken near the top and the bottom and one in the middle. Make sure your measuring tape is level.

– Second, measure the height between the lowest point you will screw a unit to and the top framing member. (see notes below if attaching directly to the floor). Again, take 3 measurements, one near each end and one in the middle.

These measurements are referred to as the “rough opening” or “daylight opening”. Keep in mind when you measure that you have to use the finished size of your posts. If you are going to wrap a post or trim a post with something first, that will alter your opening.

These windows are constructed to have a very tight fit. Only, a 1/8” will be deducted from the width and height measurements provided.

When measuring a whole room, it is helpful to start at one end and work your way around the room, numbering each opening in sequence. We can even label each window to match your numbering. This will avoid some confusion at installation time, especially when some openings can be so similar in sizes.

We care about you!  If you need any assistance in measuring, please contact us by phone and we will be pleased to assist you.

Please see our video (below) for further instruction: