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Vertical four-track Panels (4V60)

There's a reason for your porch, patio, deck, gazebo, or pool.  You enjoy the outdoor touch.  So why don't you get more of what you love?  Eze-Breeze is a major improvement over screens and an even larger enhancement over the open air.

Vertical 4-track panels give 75% ventilation. In other words, to generate an outdoor feel, three of the lightweight, vinyl-glazed panels can be readily lifted or reduced over the fourth. Or remove and store the panels for 100 percent airflow–leaving the screens in position.  Vents are accessible in a multitude of colors to fit your preference, including clear, smoke-gray, bronze and dark-gray.


The Eze-Breeze fixed window is perfect for a transom over a door or for the openings in the gable end of a roof.

Available in both rectangular and trapezoidal shapes, a fixed panel is typically the finishing touch to enclosing your room.

The fixed window and trapezoid window complement the other Eze-Breeze porch enclosure products and are often used on the lower openings of a deck that has a chair rail and pickets. Custom shapes are available to accommodate your specific porch or enclosure needs.

Horizontal sliding window

Transform your porch or garage with this remarkably simple yet configurable horizontal solution that easily works with the entire line of Eze-Breeze products. The Side Slider:

  • Lets the breeze in with 50-100% ventilation

  • Provides finger-smooth operation with panels that slide left or right

  • Is customizable for any opening, with 2-10 vent options

Print or Download Installation Instructions

SS30 EZE Large Side sliders

Take your garage to another level. Our SS30 can transform your garage into a gym, a hobby room, a playroom, or whatever you can imagine. The Side Slider:

  • Is made with sturdy, high-quality aluminum frames

  • Is custom-built to fit your garage

  • Includes panels that glide easily on large, neoprene wheels, then latch securely into place

  • Features a kickplate at the bottom, providing extra strength and preventing damage to panels – including from cars

Lip frame (transom) windows

If your sunroom design does not include vertical windows that extend from floor to ceiling, why not fill those top spaces above your windows and doors with  matching vinyl transom (lip frame) windows featuring EZE Breeze vinyl colors? Accent your room and let more of the outside in. No need to fill the openings with other materials that need regular maintenance caused by wear and tear. Your EZE Breeze USA representative can help you with your customer transom order. Give us a call today.

BetterVue Screens

BetterVue screen offers you a clearer view of the outdoors and many other benefits.  This incredible fiberglass screen lets you focus on the view outside instead of the screen in front of you.  That’s because it is made of durable, fire-retardant fiberglass yarns that are smaller in diameter than standard screen yarns.

In addition to improving your view, BetterVue screens:

  • Enhance the beauty of your home because they’re less noticeable.

  • Allow more light transmittance in to further enhance your view outside.

  • Improve airflow, allowing fresh breezes to flow through freely.

  • Help deter insects from getting into your home due to 30% smaller openings than standard screens.

  • Keep your home cleaner by helping to prevent dust and dirt from entering your windows.

Watch a demonstration of the amazing view this product has to offer in the BetterVue this customer video.

Cabana Door

This is the door to your new favorite space in your home. It’s configurable with other Eze-Breeze products. It’s light, airy, and modern. It can be customized. And it is built to last. Our Cabana Door:

  • Features sleek, durable, and modern design

  • Flexible, with single- or double-door options

  • Allows full customization, with standard or custom sizes

  • Provides easy operation with out-swing or in-swing

Eze Breeze USA is not a contractor. We are a Dealer for PGT Industries focusing on Customers/Contractors requests for purchasing the Windows for DIY projects shipped directly to you or your project site. 

Eze Breeze USA is an outlet focusing on new and existing customers needing to purchase a complete do-it-yourself Eze Breeze Window or Screen System. Unless you purchased your Eze Breeze System from EzeBreezeUSA.com or our old site, DIYezebreeze.com, we do not generally deal in replacement parts.  If you are looking for replacement parts for your existing Eze Breeze installation (and did not purchase from us), please contact PGT, directly.


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