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Eze Breeze USA - a DIY Company

6821 Market Street

Wilmington, NC  28405


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Monday through Friday 7AM - 7PM EST*

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Eze porcH.

EZE Living.


What exaclty is eze breeze?

it's eze!

Measure It

Order it

Open it

Build it


It's a bit inside, a bit outside. It's an unsurpassed product that is likewise astoundingly straightforward. Simply measure, place your order, receive your Eze Breeze system, unpack and get started on your quick and Eze installation. Before you know it, you will be able to unwind in your new beautifully enclosed space- your new space that was designed to be so Eze to create.

Our Products

Enclose your porch or patio with 

PGT Eze-Breeze®. Our Eze Breeze windows and door products come in styles such as vertical four-track windows, horizontal slider windows, garage side sliders, cabana doors, and fixed windows.


Eze Breeze USA is not a contractor. We are an outlet focusing on new and existing customers needing to purchase a complete do-it-yourself Eze Breeze Window or Screen System. Unless you purchased your Eze Breeze System from or our old site,, we cannot help you with replacement parts.  If you are looking for replacement parts for your existing Eze Breeze installation (and did not purchase from us) or you need to find a local contractor to install an EZE Breeze System, please contact PGT, directly.